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"School, Virtually" - publication in DF, weekly magazine of Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
piotr malecki
Mar 8, 2021
Location: Array
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The younger generation is going through the pandemic quietly. After a year of distance learning, they know perfectly well that the computer screen is not even a bad substitute for school, teacher, friend. This is not life. It's just a big lie. Behind the closed doors of the rooms, alone with computers, trapped between an ersatz version of school and
depressive social media.

While doing this story, I witnessed their daily struggles. My eighteen-year-old daughter, her friends, family and friends' children told me how gray their present days look. There are no easy solutions to the covid crisis, but is the cure given to young people not worse than the disease itself?
Young people are broken now, often addicted to social media and computer games. They lost almost all of their social life. Even the most optimistic of them declare that they often feel lonely and useless.

Perhaps the adult generation, overwhelmed with technology, has not sufficiently explored the others, more traditional solutions that would allow young people to meet somehow in real school? Maybe there is a way? Maybe we are not trying hard enough?

Piotr Malecki photographer and filmmaker

Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker based in Poland.
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