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Short Docs Media is a boutique production firm lead by documentary filmmaker Piotr Malecki.
We specialize in films in which a strong personal story line is essential. First our film projects were multimedia shorts, composed of video, photography and sound, intended mainly for the websites of magazines. Some of them were published by „The New Yorker”, „The Atlantic”, "Newsweek Poland", „Polityka” and awarded at photography contests (POYi in USA, Grand Press Photo in Poland)
Today we make various length documentaries appreciated at the international festivals, in television, vod, educational institutions and in-flight entertainment.
We cooperate with media outlets and various organizations: Canal Plus, ABC News, TVP Kultura, Washington Post, FAO (United Nations) and many others. Two our latest projects are co-financed by PISF (Polish Film Institute).

Joanna Tatko producer

Piotr Malecki director, cinematographer and producer

Trailer: Personal Portrait 4 (Portret Osobisty vol. 4) | 2022
Photographers: Michał Łuczak, Zuza Krajewska, Katarzyna Korzeniecka and Szymon Rogiński | A mini documentary series about work, thoughts and dreams of the top Polish photographers.
Trailer: George and George on the Lake / Jerzy i Jerzy na Jeziorach | 2018
George and George are both 83. Every summer they sail together on the Mazury lakes in Northeast Poland, happy with the simplicity of life. This might be the last such summer together.
Trailer: "The Leader" - a short film about a divided country | 2021
A light and lively portrait of today's divided Poland as seen through the eyes of an extraordinary hairdresser.
Trailer: "Out of the Blue" (Budzik) | 2016
Trailer of a 30 minute documentary film about the clinic for children in a state of coma.
The Commuters: Life in Warsaw (Multimedia short) | 2011
Story about a group of friends, who commute together to work in Warsaw. About 500 thousand people commute every day to Polish capital.
Part of a series about life in Warsaw.
Wika: Life in Warsaw  (Multimedia short) | 2011
Wika Szmit is 74 years old and a pensioner. Three times a week she runs discos at the Bolek club in Warsaw. Part of a series about life in Warsaw.
Jodie: Life in Warsaw  (Multimedia short) | 2012
Warsaw seen with the eyes of a foreigner. An American woman lives on the socialist-era housing estate and figures out the way to be happy in Poland.
Part of a series about life in Warsaw.
Call Centre:  Life in Warsaw (Multimedia short) | 2011
The best call centre consultants are like doctors - they look beneath the skin of client to determine the best way to sell him a product. Over 200 thousand Poles work in 1500 call centres in Poland.
Part of a series about life in Warsaw.
Recycling of Souls: Life in Warsaw (Multimedia short) | 2010
Ekon Association in Warsaw is a recycling plant that provides jobs for people with learning difficulties or mental health issues; who would otherwise find it difficult to get work. When you're often excluded from society work is 'A pleasure'. Part of a series about life in Warsaw.
Photographer Karolina Jonderko. "Selfportrait with my mother" | 2012
Napo Images photographer Karolina Jonderko talks about one of her images.
Filip Cwik. "12 faces" | 2012
Photographer Filip Cwik talks about his photo from "12 faces" series
Photographer Adam Lach:  "Jumping dog" | 2012
Napo Images photographer Adam Lach talks about his picture, the Wrzesnia Collection and about his love of photography.

City Horses  / Miejskie Konie (Multimedia short) | 2010
Since the beginning of financial crisis, between 10 and 20 thousand horses in Ireland have become homeless or gone in the hands of the youths in urban areas.
Where Meat Means Money (Multimedia short) | 2010
In America, meat is big business. The meat and poultry industry is the largest sector of US agriculture. Three huge meatpacking plants in Kansas kill and process 1500 cattle a day.
The lift to heaven: Life in Warsaw (Multimedia short) | 2012
Short documentary about disco polo, a type of dance music which originated in rural areas of Poland. Though considered tacky by many people, it is becoming incredibly popular. To learn more and see more films, visit project's site:

Potatoes (Multimedia short) | 2009
I shot this story in two huge farms financed by the state, inspired by the news from the visit of Belorussian president Aleksandr Lukashenko in one of them. The president is going to make Belarus a giant of potato production, making this vegetable the main export of this cash starved country.
Lampedusa (Multimedia short) | 2009
Short film about the first large wave of migrants arriving on the Lampedusa island.

Piotr Malecki photographer and filmmaker

Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker based in Poland.
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