Film projects in progress

Documentary, 32 / 30 minutes, 

premiere Autumn/Winter 2021

A light and lively portrait of today's divided Poland as seen through the eyes of an extraordinary hairdresser.
Mr Kijowski was a leader of huge protests against the current authoritarian government. His opposition organization collapsed in 2016 when he left in infamy, accused of fraud. His today’s life as a hairdresser, but also still a political demonstrator, is full of wit and humour as things don't always go as planned.
OUR VILLAGE (trailer - Vimeo password: gminA)
(Nasza Gmina)
Documentary, 52 minutes

Delivery - Spring 2022

Story of a village community which bends under the burden of debts. 
Accusations for these troubles are mostly directed towards the former mayor. He was being very ambitious in his quest to develop this rural world.
This story, told through the prism of the commune's troubles, is also a warm and humorous observation of the province with its colors, vices and local patriotism.

Piotr Malecki photographer and filmmaker

Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker based in Poland.
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