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Belarus accused of funneling thousands of migrants to Polish border
Client: ABC News

Ordinary people used by the politicians. ABC News piece I've had a pleasure to work on as a cameraman, with Ines De La Cuetara, Patrick Reevell and Mateusz Wodzinski
Cinematic Drone

Smooth drone footage showreel.
With their own hands
Client: Open Society Foundation / Panos

An outreach worker in Moscow. Video by Piotr Malecki/Panos, stills by Guy Martin/Panos, edited by Andrew Hida
Summer 2015

Strenghtening Food Security and Nutrition
Client: United Nations FAO / Panos

Video shot in Krygystan, Tajikistan and Armenia by Piotr Malecki/Panos and Andrew McConnell/Panos  for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, edited by Yiannis Katsaris/Panos
A Thousand More
Multimedia shot and edited at a Mediastorm storytelling workshop 

The story of one family’s determination to give their son a whole and vital life. In the midst of a great burden, one small child – with a seemingly endless supply of love – can be the blessing that holds a family together.
Summer 2011

Call Centre
Multimedia piece for Polityka Magazine

The best call centre consultants are like doctors - they look beneath the skin of client to determine the best way to sell him a product.
Over 200 thousand Poles work in 1500 call centres in Poland.
We're at the point where we're surrendering our freedom
Client: The Washington Post

Vignette about Polish opposition leader Wladyslaw Frasyniuk, shot by Piotr Malecki and Maciej Nabrdalik, reporting by Magdalena Foremska, edited by Sarah Parnass/The Washington Post

Multimedia for Polityka magazine

Twice a week 4 years old DJ Wika throws party at the Bolek club in Warsaw.

The Recycling of Souls
Multimedia for Polityka magazine

Ekon Association in Warsaw is a recycling plant that provides jobs for people with learning difficulties or mental health issues

Short multimedia about the first large wave of migrants arriving on the Lampedusa island.

Piotr Malecki photographer and filmmaker

Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker based in Poland.
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