Brexit Walk

March 30, 2017
  A photographic walk through various areas of London on the day when formal divorce of Britain with the EU begins - March 29, 2017. On this day the Article 50 of Lisbon treaty is triggered.

George and George on the Lake

trailer of a documentary film by Piotr Malecki
Two 83 years old friends are spending their holidays on their sailing boats, as they have for over twenty years. Trailer of a film about friendship, freedom and fight against the weakness of old age.
Film is currently in production.

Occupy Sejm (Polish parliament)

A photo slideshow covering over three weeks of the struggle of opposition occupying Polish parliament in defence of freedom of press,story/
this image was shot by Civic Platform MP

New ongoing project

The photo project about dependence on cars in the USA. About the American's love of cars. About the country where most what we see today was built around the cars, for the cars and because of the cars. Infrastructure.  Urban sprawl. Enormous shopping malls and car parks. Long commute. All "American way of life" is as it is thanks to wonderful or damned cars, depending on how you look at it.
First images were shot in Arizona. I am now getting ready for the next push.

The Polish parliament's political standoff

January 6, 2017
I am covering the latest political turmoil between the opposition and Law&Justice ruling party, the opposition MP's block the parliament, defending the free media, and their supporters stand 24h/day outside, since Dec 17, 2016.