Military workshop

February 2018

Assignment for De Volkskrant

Patriotic lesson

January 2018
Online publication of series of photos.
Patriotic lesson at a secondary school in Dzialdowo, Poland.

Assignment for De Volkskrant.


January 2018 
The Polish term “falowiec” means something like “wavy block”. In the northern city of Gdansk, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, eight ‘wavy’ apartment blocks were built in the 1960s and 1970s. The largest of them is the longest residential building in Europe measuring 860 metres in length, housing around 6,000 people and rising 11 floors

Personal Portrait.

January 2018
Trailer of a 40 minute documentary about four Polish portrait photographers. Shot and directed by Piotr Malecki for Fundacja Powiekszenie.

Publication in "Politiken", Denmark

December 2017
Portraits of people who are pro- and anti- Law&Justice government.

Brexit Walk

March 30, 2017
  A photographic walk through various areas of London on the day when formal divorce of Britain with the EU begins - March 29, 2017. On this day the Article 50 of Lisbon treaty is triggered.