Where Meat Means Money

In traditional small-town South-West Kansas and the centre of American cowboy culture, the new social pattern emerges. Next to white Americans there are now tens of thousands of immigrants from Mexico and Salvador, as well as asylants from Somalia, Burma and Laos. They all came from different backgrounds, have different religions. But there's one thing that the Americans here and the newcomers have in common; that's Beef.
They're all here to work in countless ranches, farms, feed yards and four enormous meatpacking plants, each killing 5 thousand cattle a day. State of Kansas has dominated the beef industry in the US, and every fourth piece of this meat on the shop shelves is produced here. In Kansas beef means business.
The meat and poultry industry is the largest sector of US agriculture, grossing an impressive US $ 155 billion in 2009 and employing a total of some 6.2 million people in companies involved in meat production along with their suppliers, distributors, retailers and other connected industries.